We’re a blog now!

Everyone knows that Joan Summers was a very famous blogger making $100 million dollars a post before an evil misogynist with a venture capitalist army aimed a missile at her top-secret blogging submarine and destroyed her life forever… until now!

This blog is an attempt to wrangle Eating For Free the podcast, created by Joan and co-host Matthew Lawson, into a coherent media enterprise. With a growing community of patrons, sister podcasts, discord networks, and more, it seems like now is the perfect time to revive the still extremely lucrative and not at all dead art of blogging.

So retro!

Here’s how this will work: Alongside free-for-all posts, our Patreon content, including episodes and other original content, will all aggregate here. Login through Patreon to gain access to posts available to you, or read for free! It literally doesn’t matter. We’re just happy you’re here.

Away we go!

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