Bette Midler Saw My Giant Transgender Knockers and Gagged a Little


  • Macy Gray and Bette Midler face backlash for comments criticized as transphobic, CNN
  • Bette Midler Tweet, Twitter
  • The Far Right and Far Left Agree on One Thing: Women Don’t Count, The New York Times
  • Michael Powell Screenshots via Tom Scocca, Twitter
  • Michael Hobbes on Michael Powell, Twitter
  • Christopher Rufo Tweet Screenshot via @BusinessmanLego, Twitter
  • The Wendy Williams Show’s Official YouTube, Website and Instagram Removed After Series Finale, People
  • Fourth of July ‘canceled’ by Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and more amid Roe v. Wade, Page Six
  • Katy Perry Under Fire for Abortion Rights Tweet After Endorsing Rick Caruso, Newsweek
  • Emails expose Britney Spears’ ex-biz manager’s involvement in conservatorship, Page Six
  • Erika Girardi Is ‘Relieved’ After Handing Over $750K Earrings, Despite Their ‘Sentimental’ Value: Source, People

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