about the show

Have you ever wondered about the dark underworld of Instagram influencers, celebrity-induced conspiracy theories, the rise of #sponcon, and the outlandish business practices of tech corporations that have a monopoly on our culture?

Then you’re in the right place!

Hosted by Joan Summers and Matthew Lawson, Eating For Free is a weekly investigative podcast reporting from the edge of the internet.

We’re a new wave of celebrity, tech, and internet reporters at a time when our culture is increasingly chaotic and the media lacks the ability or moral direction to make sense of this capitalist nightmare!

matthew lawson

Matthew Lawson is a producer and investigative reporter operating in the Bay Area.

With a focus on exploitation in Big Tech and the intersection of politics in pop culture, Eating For Free became the perfect medium to expose the corporations and celebrties effecting our everday lives.

His side projects include video production, editing, commercial photography, and 3d rendering; current work can be found on his twitter and instagram, respectively.

joan summers

Joan Summers is a journalist and staff writer at Jezebel working in the Los Angelas area. Combining a deep love for fashion, pop culture, and poltics, she’s been dubbed the “Elle Woods of New Media.”

Her investigative work focuses on the intersection of class and identity in an extremely logged-in world. Joan’s work has also been featured in: Dazed, i-D, OUT, IN Magazine, New York Magazine, and more. She was also named one of The Drum’s “Rising Creative Stars” for their 2018 “50 under 30" list.