American Crime Story: The Try Guys


  • “The Try Guys” Form Independent Production Company, Enter Into New Strategic Partnership With BuzzFeed [2018, Buzzfeed]
  • Try Guys tearfully admit they knew of Ned Fulmer’s affair weeks ago [Page Six] [Youtube]
  • I watched their TryPods episode “ok, let’s talk about it” so you don’t have to… [YouTube]
  • Buzzfeed News article about the podcast episode [Buzzfeed]
  • From the internet: [We Got This Covered]
  • Why Are the Try Guys So Angry? Try Jeopardizing $6M a Year in Clicks [THR]
  • So, what’s next for The Try Guys? [Mashable]
  • Why Are We Still So Scandalized by Cheating? What our recent obsession with infidelity reveals about us. [The Cut]
  • The Spectacular Fall of the “Wife Guy”: Cheating scandals involving everyone from Adam Levine to Ned of the Try Guys are putting a crack in the carefully tailored “wife guy” aesthetic [Air Mail]

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