Child Star Hell: Justin Bieber’s Paradiso

Still of Justin Bieber in an interview confessional from his documentary "Seasons"

In the fourth and final part to our series on Justin Bieber (catch “Justin Bieber’s Purgatorio” on our Patreon), we explore the singer’s relationship with God, his evolving public relations strategy, and Scooter Braun’s future prison sentence.

Get into it!


  • Justin Bieber cancels rest of ‘Purpose’ tour without explanation [07/24/2017] [Reuters]
  • Justin Bieber Focusing on ‘Being Spiritual and Attending Church’ After ‘Disappointing’ Decision to Cancel Tour: Source [07/26/2017] [People]
  • Justin Bieber Makes Emotional Apology to Fans After Canceling Tour: ‘I Have Let My Insecurities Get the Best of Me’ [08/03/2017] [People]
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  • Inside Justin & Selena’s Shady Trip To Drug & Gang-Ridden Hollywood Neighborhood [11/03/2017 [Radar]
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  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Spotted at Church Twice in the Same Day [11/06/2017] [People]
  • Pastor Carl Lentz Opens Up About Justin Bieber’s Faith, Premarital Sex and Relationships [Us Weekly] [11/10/2017]
  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Receiving Guidance from Pastor to Avoid ‘Same Patterns’: Source [12/22/2017] [People]
  • ‘Wowzers’: Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless While Reading the Bible Mid-Flight [01/07/2018] [People]
  • Justin Bieber Gets Serious About the Real Meaning of Easter — Then Gets Silly in Bunny Glasses [People] [04/02/2018]
  • Justin Bieber goes to church and believes in Jesus, but says he doesn’t consider himself ‘religious’ [02/07/2019] [Insider]
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  • Brain Doctor to the Stars Labeled a ‘Snake-Oil’ Salesman [The Daily Beast]

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