We Forgive You Ariana Grande (Part 5)

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Fresh off more scandals than she had rings, Ariana Grande “quarantine n chills” with now ex-husband Dalton Gomez. A pandemic looms, and the long shadow it casts over Grande’s Midsommar-themed 27th bday bash spells doom for these star-crossed lovers!


  1. Ariana Grande sued for copyright infringement over ‘7 Rings’, 01/17/20 [CNN]
  2. Ariana Grande Dating Luxury Real Estate Agent Dalton Gomez, 03/25/2021[ET]
  3. ARIANA GRANDE QUARANTINE & CHILL WITH NEW BF!!! He’s a Real Estate Big Shot, 03/25/20 [TMZ]
  4. Zoom with Dan Schneider. 03/31/2020 [Instagram]
  5. Ariana Grande said she’s bidding on the iconic ‘Midsommar’ dress during A24’s charity auction — and Florence Pugh gave her seal of approval, 04/23/20 [Insider]
  6. Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande Are Collaborating For a Good Cause, 05/01/20 [Billboard]
  7. Ariana Grande gushed about Mac Miller during an interview on Apple Music, and fans are feeling emotional, 05/13/20 [Insider]
  8. Lana Del Rey slammed over her assessment of Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, 05/21/20 [NBC News]
  9. Ariana Grande Says Lady Gaga ‘Immediately Felt Like a Sister to Me’, 05/22/20 [Billboard]
  10. Ariana Grande’s Boyfriend Dalton Gomez Makes Surprise Cameo in ‘Rain on Me’ Promo with Lady Gaga, 05/26/20 [People]
  11. Ariana Grande Urges Media to Cover ‘Peaceful Protesting’ After Joining Black Lives Matter Demonstration in L.A., 06/01/20 [Billboard]
  12. Rihanna, Ariana Grande, More Sign Open Letter Urging New York Police Reform, 06/08/20 [RS]
  13. Ariana Grande Sends Food Trucks to Voters Waiting in Line at Kentucky Polls: ‘Use Your Voice’, 06/24/20 [People]
  14. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande sang ‘Rain On Me’ while wearing face masks that matched their dazzling VMAs performance outfits, 08/30/20 [People]
  15. Ariana Grande’s Mom Is ‘So Proud’ After Singer Sends Hundreds of Pizzas to Florida Voters, 10/20/20 [Billboard]
  16. Fans think Ariana Grande threw ‘shade’ at ex Pete Davidson in her new song ‘Positions’, 10/23/20 [Insider]
  17. Mariah Carey Teams With Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson for New ‘Oh Santa!’ Video, 12/01/20 [RS]
  18. Ariana Grande Channeled Her Love For Pets Into Her Latest Endeavor: an Animal Rescue Center, 12/01/20 [Popsugar]
  19. Ariana Grande Is Engaged! Singer Shows Off Massive Diamond Ring from Boyfriend Dalton Gomez, 12/20/20 [People]
  20. Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You’ Review: It’s Mutual, 12/21/20 [NYT]
  21. Ariana Grande and Fiancé Dalton Gomez Got to ‘Know Each Other in Peace’ During Quarantine: Source, 12/28/20 [People]
  22. Ariana Grande settles lawsuit claiming she stole ‘7 Rings’, 03/16/2021 [Reuters
  23. Ariana Grande is joining ‘The Voice’, 03/30/21 [CNN]
  24. Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande & J Balvin to Reap Millions in HYBE Deal to Buy Ithaca Holdings, 04/02/21 [Billboard]
  25. Ariana Grande Encourages Ending Stigma Surrounding Mental Health: ‘The Work Is So Hard’, 05/03/21 [Billboard]
  26. How Dalton Gomez Helped Design Ariana Grande’s “Tasteful” Diamond Wedding Band, 05/17/21 [E!]
  27. Ariana Grande marries Dalton Gomez in private Montecito ceremony, 05/17/21 [LA Times]
  28. Ariana Grande remembers victims on fourth anniversary of Manchester bombing, 05/22/21 [CNN]
  29. Public Inquiry Into Manchester Arena Bombing During Ariana Grande Concert Reveals Security Lapses, 06/17/21 [Pitchfork]
  30. Jessie J Apologized to Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande for Getting the Story Behind “Bang Bang” Wrong, 07/21/21 [Cosmo]
  31. Ariana Grande’s Fortnite tour was a moment years in the making, 09/09/21 [Verge]
  32. Ariana Grande wins five-year restraining order against man accused of threatening to kill her, 10/07/21 [NBC News]
  33. The Business of Being Ariana Grande, 10/21/21 [Allure]
  34. Ariana Grande Gives Away $5 Million in Free Therapy For World Mental Health Day, 10/11/21 [Billboard]
  35. Wicked casting [11/21/2021] [Instagram]

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