We Forgive You Ariana Grande (Part One)

As moral panic descends, let’s be brave, and critically examine the mess Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater made of everything! In this week’s episode, we dig into their careers and personal lives to seek…absolution? Forgiveness? Healing? A ponytail joke?


  • The happy-go-lucky 25-year-old Jewish guy who plays SpongeBob on Broadway [Times of Israel] Before she was a superstar, Ariana Grande was a Florida Panthers superfan [Florida Sun Sentinel]
  • Ethan Slater Is SpongeBob SquarePants [WWD]
  • Rihanna to Star in ‘Battleship’ [People]
  • Jasmine Villegas, Sony-Epic Recording Artist, Celebrated Her 17th Birthday Presented by Solana Branding Company [CISION]
  • ‘Victorious’ exclusive first look: Karaoke hijinks! Wisdom-tooth hijinks! [EW]
  • I Think we all sing [Youtube]
  • Ariana Grande: I Do Not Always Order a Grande at Starbucks [Time]
  • Ariana Grande Gets Smacked in Head With Angel Wings at 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: GIF [Us Weekly]
  • Bette Midler Apologizes to Ariana Grande for ‘Whore’ Comment [People]
  • Ariana Grande on ‘Sam & Cat’ Cancellation: ‘I Used to Pretend to Be More Like Her’ [THR]
  • Frankie Grande outs himself as a former Broadway star and Ariana Grande’s brother on Big Brother Season 16. [Youtube]
  • Ariana Grande Reveals Lessons Learned From ‘Doughnut Fiasco’ [ABC]
  • Getting to Know the Billboard 2015 Social Media Stars [Billboard]
  • The Big Brother Bromance Lives On! Frankie J. Grande Swoons Over Shirtless Stud Zach Rance at 54 Below [Broadway]
  • She goes Instagram Official with Mac Miller [Teen Vogue]
  • One Direction WORST POST EVER [Youtube]
  • Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Are Instagram Official [Teen Vogue]
  • Watch Ariana Grande Curl Up in a Ball of Embarrassment When Ellen Asks About Her Boyfriend, Mac Miller [Vulture]
  • Ariana Grande Perfectly Shuts Down Sexist Troll: ‘I Think It’s Time You Get Your Head Out of Your A**’ [ET]
  • ‘A little more touch my body’: Ariana Grande has a steamy affair with her bodyguard in music video for Into You [Daily Mail]
  • Ariana Grande speaks out about objectification after fan encounter [USA Today]
  • Ariana Grande’s Saturday Night Live Performance Was a Triumph [TIME]
  • How Ariana Grande Became a Feminist Hero [E! News]
  • Billboard Cover: Ariana Grande on Defending Female Pop Stars and Staying Away From Drama [Billboard]
  • Nominated for a 2016 People’s Choice Award [People’s Choice]
  • Pre-Broadway Review: ‘The SpongeBob Musical’ [Variety]

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