We Forgive You Ariana Grande (Part Two)

As moral panic descends, let’s be brave, and critically examine the mess Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater made of everything! In this week’s followup to Part One, we look into Ariana’s big-break moment and her debut commercial album to learn what turned the Nickelodean actress in the world’s next big superstar. 


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  • 10 Fun Fitness Facts with Ariana Grande, February 29, 2012 [SHAPE]
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  • Ariana Grande Talks Breakout Hit ‘The Way’: Watch New Music Video, 03/28/2013 [Billboard]
  • Seventeen cover girl Ariana’s faced her share of tough times. Find out how she tuned out the haters and became a star, August 2013 [Seventeen]
  • Life Is Grande: Ariana Grande On Her Debut Album and the Thrill of Hearing Herself on the Radio, August 22, 2013 [Elle]
  • Q&A: Ariana Grande on ‘Yours Truly’ and Judging Miley Cyrus, September 11, 2013 [RS]
  • JUSTIN BIEBER LIGHTING UP In Possible Weed Smoking Pics, 10/07/2013 [TMZ]
  • Ariana Grande’s Ex-Boyfriend Jai Brooks Accuses Her of Cheating With Nathan Sykes, 10/07/2013 [E! News]
  • Here’s what Nathan Sykes looked like: [Ariana Grande Wiki]
  • Ariana Grande: ‘I’m not comfortable being forwardly sexual’, November 14, 2013 [Guardian]
  • Yours Truly, Ariana Grande [Reddit]
  • Ariana Grande: “Shadow of a Doubt” (2013 Cover Story): Ariana Grande has a pretty face and a golden voice, but the chart-topping sitcom star has a dark side, too. (Nov 05, 2013) [Complex]
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  • Billboard Cover: Ariana Grande on Fame, Freddy Krueger and Her Freaky Past, August 8, 2014 [Billboard]

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