We Forgive You Ariana Grande (Part Three)

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains long conversations about violence, terrorist attacks, suicide, drug use, and alcohol addiction. 

As moral panic descends, let’s be brave, and critically examine the mess Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater made of everything! In this week’s third installment of our deep-dive series, we look into Ariana’s modern pop culture moments and the events leading up to the Manchester bombing attack, as well as Mac Miller’s death in 2018–both of which fundamentally changed her life, and her perception in the public media. 


  1. Intro Clip/Interview [Zach Sang Show]
  2. Watch Ariana Grande Fall On Stage [03/10/2015] [Billboard]
  3. Ariana Grande Leaning On ‘Scream Queens’ Co-Star Lea Michele After Big Sean Split, 04/20/2015 [Hollywood Life]
  4. ARIANA GRANDE: BIG SEAN’S ‘BILLION DOLLAR P***Y’ LYRIC The Final Straw, 04/24/2015 [TMZ]
  5. Ariana Grande Issues Important Feminist Manifesto, June 8, 2015 [Vanity Fair]
  6. ARIANA GRANDE Tongues New BF [Ricky Alvarez]  … AND AN INNOCENT DONUT!!, 07/07/2015 [TMZ]
  7. Ariana Grande faces California police inquiry over doughnut-licking incident, July 9, 2015 [The Guardian]
  8. Twitter Slams Wendy Williams After Ariana Grande Body-Shaming Comments, Prompts Hashtag #CancelWendyWilliams, 08/14/2015 [E!]
  9. Ariana Grande Speaks Out About Body-Shaming After Being Compared to Ariel Winter, November 2, 2015 [People]
  10. Ariana Grande Blasts DJs for Sexist Questions: ‘You Need a Little Brushing Up on Equality’ 11/03/2015, [Billboard]
  11. Ariana Grande spent this entire interview educating these lowkey sexist and homophobic interviewers! [Youtube]
  12. Billboard Cover: Ariana Grande on Defending Female Pop Stars and Staying Away From Drama [05/19/2016] [Billboard]
  13. Ariana Grande Had a White House Performance Turned Down After Donut-Licking Incident, 07/22/2016 [Billboard]
  14. Mac Miller on How His Friendship with Ariana Grande Evolved Into More: ‘Everything Just Happened Organically’, 09/16/2016 [People]
  15. Ariana Grande shuts down Ryan Seacrest’s probing questions 09/16/2016 [Mashable]
  16. Ariana Grande Pleads for Fans to ‘Stick Together’ After Donald Trump Wins Election, 11/09/2016 [Billboard]
  17. Why Ariana Grande Feels Sick After Being Objectified by a Fan: “I Am Not a Piece of Meat” [InStyle]
  18. 22 dead after blast at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester [CNN]
  19. Ariana Grande Reunites With Mac Miller in Florida After Manchester Bombing, 05/23/2017 [E!]
  20. Ariana Grande Pens Powerful Essay After Manchester Attack: ”We Will Not Quit or Operate in Fear”, 05/26/2017 [E!]
  21. How Ariana Grande became an unlikely pop hero: ‘We are not objects. We are queens’, 05/24/2017 [Guardian]
  22. Ariana Grande Concert Raises $9 Million, Brings ‘One Love’ To 50 Countries, 06/04/2017 [Forbes]
  23. Families of Ariana Grande Manchester Concert Bombing Victims Will Each Receive $324,000, 08/15/2017 [Billboard]
  24. Ariana Grande Emotional in ‘Dangerous Woman World Tour’ Hong Kong Finale, 09/21/2017, [Billboard]
  25. Ariana Grande Wrote A Beautiful Goodbye Note To Her ‘Dangerous Woman’ Tour, 09/21/2017 [MTV]
  26. Folk hero: Ariana Grande Gave an Inspiring Speech at Charlottesville Unity Concert, 09/25/2017 [TeenVogue]
  27. Four Months After Manchester, Ariana Grande Calls for ‘Love, Unity, Peace, Gun Control’ in Wake of Las Vegas Shooting, 10/02/2017 [People]
  28. Ariana Grande Opens Up About Her Emotional Tour & Keeping a Healthy Perspective, 10/04/2017 [Coveteur]
  30. Mac Miller Reportedly Arrested For DUI, 05/17/2018, [TMZ]
  31. Ariana Grande Calls Her Mac Miller Relationship ‘Toxic’ In Powerful Message, 05/23/2018 [MTV]
  32. Ariana Grande’s Ex Mac Miller Opens Up About Their Breakup and Moving On: ‘I Am Happy for Her’, 07/28/2018 [ET]
  33. Mac Miller Dead at 26 of Apparent Overdose: ‘He Was a Bright Light in This World’ Says Family, 09/7/18 [People]
  34. Ariana Grande Turns Off Instagram Comments as Trolls Blame Her for Ex Mac Miller’s Death [People] (Same Day)
  35. Ariana Grande ‘Devastated’ by Mac Miller’s Death, Source Says (Exclusive), 09/07/2018 [ET]
  36. Ariana Grande Was “Unbelievably Involved” in Supporting Mac Miller’s Sobriety, Says the Late Artist’s Friend [W]
  37. Ariana Grande Breaks Her Silence About Mac Miller’s Death, 09/14/2018 [Variety]
  39. Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber Manager Scooter Braun Talks Tough Times and Big Payoffs 10/28/2018 [Variety]
  40. Ariana Grande on Grief and Growing Up, July 9, 2019 [Vogue]

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